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Heavenly City™ Jewelry

Handmade genuine gemstone jewelry
In 2010, I launched Heavenly City™ Jewelry. Based on spiritual principles, each piece is a unique design with deep meaning to the giver and the recipient.

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What I Do

Web Design
I still do web design! I prefer the design phase because I am an artist, but I am also available to do coding and periodic website updates and revisions.


I have a small shop called Gardenina where I sell craft items I have created. You can find all manner of interesting things here from time to time, such as handmade home decor items, garden ornaments, paintings and sculptures, and miscellaneous jewelry.



I specialize in still-life photography: if you have a product to sell, I can photograph it to perfection. I can do commissioned photographic art for your home or office. I am also available for fun and artsy on-location photography for your family photos and personal portraits.